Greek Balsamic Vinegar Cream in 6 flavors “MESSINO”

Origin: Messinia Peloponnese, Greece

Specification: the strong taste of aged balsamic vinegar from Messinian grapes must, brought together with 6 different natural flavors produce an excellent result. A balsamic cream that can accompany all kinds of salads and meals.

Flavors: honey, truffle, basil, balsamic, smoked, strawberry, orange, lemon, fig 

Packaging: 250ml plastic bottle (12pcs/box, 147box/pallet)

Min order: 10 boxes

* Transport dry 

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Pearls

Origin: Greece

Specification: Οlive oil and balsamic vinegar pearls from Greek olives and grapes varieties. Made with specialized culinary methods (molecular kitchen) to ensure both product quality and flavor.

Small spheres with a thin outer casing and a soft, moist core that breaks in the mouth causing a "burst" of taste.

Ideal for special decoration of food, which in addition to the exceptional appearance add a special taste to the food

Types: White balsamic vinegar, Black balsamic vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil plain, with lemon, with thyme or spicy.

Packaging: 100gr,300gr jars for Olive oil, 50 ml jars for Balasmic

Min order: 1 pallet

* Transport dry