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Greek Traditional Cheese from Chios Island “MASTELO”

Origin: Chios, Greece

Description: Mastelo is traditional cheese made exclusively in Chios, from high-quality raw materials, fresh whole Chian cow and goat's milk of excellent quality and taste.

The word “mastelo” means the wooden bin used to collect the milk.

Soft cheese Mastelo: From rich Chian cow's milk, balanced, with necessary protein, fat, vitamins and salts. It is white with a smooth texture and milk flavor, digestible and tasty. The slightly salty taste, the smell of milk and pure way of manufacturing are the reasons that made it internationally known. Served as a table cheese, eaten grilled, but also an excellent material for creative salads and original recipes. It has 29% fat, 46% moisture and 1.6% salt percentage. Refrigerate shelf life, two months.

Goat Mastelo: White soft cheese with compact mass, aromatic weak, has an elastic texture and milky flavor. Develops very nice flavor when grilled. Produced from pasteurized whole milk, from goats living in Chios Mountains. The natural flora of Chios gives characteristic flavor to the milk passed to the final product. It is delicious in sandwiches, on toast, or as an accompaniment of Greek ouzo. It has 28% fat, 43% moisture and 1.6% salt percentage. Refrigerate shelf life two months.

Packaging: 360gr, 550gr round vacuum (25Kg box)

Min order: 10 boxes (mixed)

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Greek Traditional Cheese from Messinia “TALAGANI”

Origin: Messinia, Greece

Description: Talagani is handmade traditional cheese for grill or frying, made exclusively from sheep's milk. Named after the traditional shepherds winter cape, the Talagani.

Has been distinguished with 3 awards in international competitions and has won the international markets from Sweden to Singapore. Excellent for accompanying wine, ouzo and raki, salads, sandwiches and mini pies.

When grilled or fried, it maintains its strong full flavor and rich aroma combined with a touch of spearmint. It is grilled or fried without melting or losing its shape, obtaining a perfect chewy texture.

Smoked Talagani retains all features of classic Talagani, with an additional advantage of rich smoky flavor. For those seeking a more intense taste experience ... Talagani is placed on racks and smoked for about seven hours naturally on beech leaves obtaining a rich brown color, and the fingerprints of the grating on its surface.

Packaging: 1Kg, 200/400gr in vacuum (5Kg box)

Min order: 1 pallet

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Greek Traditional Cheese from Grevena “Batzos” and “Anevato”

Origin: Grevena, Greece


- Batzos is a white, hard cheese produces by sheep and goat milk along with 15% of its creamed removed. Because of its low greasiness it’s maintained in brine, for it to remain juicy. Ideal grilled or fried.

- Anevato is a soft white cheese, with granular texture with a pleasant sour flavor and scent that is produced traditionally by sheep and goat milk. It’s max moisture is 60% by weight and minimum fat dry matter 45% by weight.

Chatzizisis cheese dairy , established at a height of a thousand meters, in Deskati Grevena, produces with all the traditional procedures the particular cheeses mpatzos and anevato, always and under high ISO 2000-2005 quality standards.

All cheese are produced from local daily gathered sheep-goat milk, ensuring freshness and high quality products.
“Chatzizisis” dairy also produce high quality Feta Cheese and yellow cheese.

Packaging: 7/15kg (Batzos), 200gr PET, 2,3kg PET, 5kg/8kg bucket (Anevato)

Min order: 1 pallet (mixed with other “Chatzizisis” cheeses)

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Greek Traditional Cheese from Syros “San Michael” PDO 

Origin: Kiklades, Greece

Description : San Michael is a traditional Greek cheese that has been produced on the island of Syros for several decades. It is one of the most unique cheeses in the country, which has been recognized since 1996 in Europe as a product with a protected designation of origin. The name of the cheese comes from a mountain to the north of the island where the village of San Michael is located.

It’s produced from 100% pasteurized  cow milk, has hard texture and its taste is salty and spicy. You can combine it with bread or fruit and it used as an ingredient in many cooking recipes. It has a maximum humidity of 40% by weight and a minimum dry fat content of 36%.

Packaging: 250/350gr in vacuum, 7kg whole round

Min order: 1 pallet

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Traditional Cheese from Cyprus “Halloumi”

Origin: Cyprus

Description: Halloumi is a traditional semi-hard cheese from Cyprus, produced from a blend of goat's, sheep's and cow's milk and rolled in wild mint.

It has a high melting point so it is perfect fried or grilled. It does not melt or lose its shape, and thanks to its firm texture when cooked it obtains a perfect chewy texture. The cheese is white, with a distinctive layered texture, similar to mozzarella and has a salty flavor.  

Packaging: 225gr 750gr vacuum (aprox 5Kg box)

Min order: 20 boxes

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Greek Special Cheese from Central Greece “Kaidancheese”

Origin: Attica, Greece


-Geremezi: Fresh, soft cheese from sheep milk with only 16% fat. Available in six flavors ( with paprika, herbs, bukowo, peanut, 4 peppers and plain)

-Stamnotiri: Fresh, soft cheese from sheep milk with 15 % fat and less than 1% salt. It has a sweet and slight sour taste and a soft texture. Available in six flavors plain, with black truffle, Chios Mastic, beetroot nut, mango and cuttlefish ink.

-Aliston: Rich flavored, yellow cheese from sheep milk with soft texture with 0,5% salt and on average 20% fat. Available in six flavors plain, 4 peppers, paprika, chili and bukowo, forest herbs, or black truffle.

-Kiounefe Kaidancheese: A combination of the traditional Greek dessert kandaifi with sheep cheese. It combines well and produces a unique sweet salty taste that can be enjoyed plain or with syrup and honey.

Shelf Life: 3 months from production

Being one of the few dairies in Attica, Kaidantzis dairy operates since 1950. It’s a family business that continues to produce traditional dairy products but continues to experiment and create new products with different combinations of flavors.

Packaging: 100gr/120gr/800gr (Gremezi), 200gr/2kg/5kg/10kg (Stamnotiri), 300gr/1,5kg (Aliston),

Min order: 1 pallet mixed

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