Our big and reliable network of companies and producers, offers us the following potential that give us the edge over the other companies in food industry.


We are a ONE-STOP-MARKET, with more than 10,000 products in a single place. Our company.

We offer the lowest prices on the market, due to the volume of products we distribute resulting high discounts from suppliers.

We can accommodate orders from different producers and with assortment products, gathering them up in central loading stations, groupage them and ship them in the most reliable and economical way to the customer's warehouse.

We offer to the customer the possibility of small orders per product (less than pallet quantity) and assortment products orders (mixed pallet quantity)

Ensure the availability of products throughout the year, due to participation in our network of more than 5 producing companies per product type.

Excellent value for money, given the high standards and certifications of the companies of our network and the fact that orders are shipped directly from the producer.

By communicating with our company, you have the same security as to communicate with each of the companies in our network.

Offers flexibility in the choice of products, product packaging and customization services, private label even design and production of new products that the customer wants.